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Ljósbrún Camill Helgartaska / Camill Weekend Bag Macaroon

Ljósbrún Camill Helgartaska / Camill Weekend Bag Macaroon

11.160 kr

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Camill er rúmgóð vatnsþétt helgartaska, tilvalin í sumarbústaðinn eða ferðalagið. Taskan er mjög mjúk og meðfærileg og liturinn er fallega ljósbrún. 

Stærð: 55 x 25 x 40 cm

Efni: Nælon


Camill takes you away for a weekend. It's a big sturdy weekend bag that can hold a lot. Made of nylon in a somewhat metallic colour, this gives the bag an extra bold touch. It is a sturdy, but also supple and soft bag. The bag is lined with soft puffy material and can be closed with a matching black zipper. We send it in a cotton bag with a sweet poem on it. You can store your bag in this bag if you don't use it for a while.

- colour: macaroon
- size bag: 55x25x40 cm
- matte silver YKK zipper
- Material: nylon
- Waterproof
- wrapped in a cotton pouch