Frí póstsending á pöntunum yfir 10.000 kr.
Skurðarbretti úr endurnýttu tekki
Skurðarbretti úr endurnýttu tekki

Skurðarbretti úr endurnýttu tekki

5.350 kr

The reclaimed teak cutting boards are food safe and durable. They can be used to chop your food on or as serving trays. The minimalistic and organic design of this cutting board is a gem in every style kitchen and will last a life time.

Teak root is considered  a waste product and is sourced from certified teak plantations.  It is a source of income to many people in the rural communities of Indonesia.

Our reclaimed teak kitchenware is ethically made and sourced in a small village in East-Java, Indonesia and supports the nature and lifestyle of local people in the village. The cutting board is part of the social gift program and comes in a gift box with a personal message.


Dimensions: 25 x 20 1,5 cm

Colour: Natural brown

Material: Reclaimed teak

Made in: East-Java, Indonesia
Producer and origin:  Our producer of reclaimed teak kitchenware solely works with reclaimed wood that is selected by hand to ensure quality and eco friendliness. The products are handmade in a small village in East Java, Indonesia to create job opportunities for the villagers and people in the surrounded area.