Frí póstsending á pöntunum yfir 10.000 kr.

Tauservíettur úr endurunnum bómull (4 í pakka)

4.250 kr

The napkins are made from recycled, hand spun and hand dyed cotton yarn and are handwoven on a traditional handloom by rural women from the northern part of Bangladesh. These table napkins can be used as a napkin or placemat.

The cloths from originalhome are ethically made and sourced and support rural women in the northern & western part of Bangladesh.

Dimensions:  4 x 44 x 44 cm

Colour: Green

Material: Recycled waste cotton

Made in: Bangladesh

All products are handcrafted from 100% natural and eco-friendly materials. They can slightly vary in size, shape and colour but are all 100% original.

Producer & origin: The handloomed and hand dyed cloths, table runners and napkins are made by rural women from northern Bangladesh. This region is one of the poorest and is located far away from the larger cities. It’s important to create jobs close to home in this area in order for rural women to provide an additional income without having to leave their families. The crafts women can work in the modest workshop or from their homes on their on schedule. The hand spun yarn from recycled cotton is spun on simple spinning wheels in another rural area in Bangladesh. This producer is certified Fair Trade according to Ecota Fair Trade Forum in Bangladesh and in process of becoming a WFTO Fair Trade member.