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Fem - skurðarbretti úr tekk (M)
Fem - skurðarbretti úr tekk (M)

Fem - skurðarbretti úr tekk (M)

6.350 kr

The Cutting Board Fem is food safe and durable. It can be used to chop your food on or as a serving tray. The minimalistic and organic design of this cutting board is a gem in every style kitchen and will last a life time.

Teak root is considered a waste product and is sourced from certified teak plantations. It is a source of income to many people in the rural communities of Indonesia.

Our reclaimed teak kitchenware is ethically made and sourced in a small village in East-Java, Indonesia and supports the nature and lifestyle of local people in the village.

Please follow the care instructions for optimal usage.

Dimensions: 40 x 17 x 2 cm
Material: Reclaimed teak