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6.250 kr

Let your dish brush and dish cloth dry up between uses in this practical rack with metal stand and gray concrete slab. By adding a small addition of polymer the concrete becomes elastic and pliable. It´s is not so soft that it can be bent, it’s still a stone material but has a pleasant feeling to it - warm, smooth and comfortable. It contains no environmentally harmful substances. The products are molded by hand in a small foundry outside of Stockholm. The concrete is cast of a relatively viscous mass that causes the surface to receive a varying smoothness and color variations occurs, this contributes to the vibrant impression. The tray gradually acquires a beautiful patina, but beat out your dish brush before putting it away so water doesn't accumulate in the tray. Clean with mild detergent and dry with a towel.

Weight 398 g
Length 14,5 cm
Diameter 13 cm