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Hreinsihanski fyrir plöntur / Leaf Love Glove
Hreinsihanski fyrir plöntur / Leaf Love Glove
Hreinsihanski fyrir plöntur / Leaf Love Glove
Hreinsihanski fyrir plöntur / Leaf Love Glove

Hreinsihanski fyrir plöntur / Leaf Love Glove

1.950 kr

These fluffy gloves are your best ally to keep your leaves shiny and free of dust and bugs. Gentle on plants, tough on dust.

  • Microfiber material, it attracts dust and keeps it trapped in the fibres.
  • Use dry or wet, they’ll remove dust either way, and they’re also perfect to apply leaf shine or pest prevention treatment, like Neem oil.
  • Washable: drop them in the washing machine after your cleaning session.
  • One Size: super stretchy, they can accommodate your green thumb, small or large
  • Recycled PET. Not only green in color, but green in the production process too! Made in Italy, from old bottles to new gloves.

    But why is it so important to remove dust from the leaves?

    Removing dust from plant leaves is not just about keeping them looking their best – it’s also essential for their overall health and well-being. Dust can clog the pores of a plant’s leaves, which can prevent them from photosynthesizing properly and getting the most out of the sunlight they receive. Over time, this can lead to a decline in the plant’s health and vitality.

    Dusty leaves also make it more difficult to spot a pest infestation before the damage is done. What looks like a speck of dust, could easily be a tiny crawler, like the dreaded trips…

    No more guessing, when you regularly dust your leaves. The microfiber gloves also make it easy to apply any treatment to your leaves, reaching in every little crevice. 

    There are two main ways to use these microfiber dusting gloves for plants

    1. Spray your plant’s leaves with water or leaf spray to moisten them, and then use Leaf Love Gloves to gently wipe away dust and debris.
    2. Moisten the gloves themselves with water or a treatment product, and then use them to gently clean your plant’s leaves.

    Upgrade Your Plant Care Routine with durable plant Gloves!

    Crafted with soft and durable microfiber material, these plant gloves are designed to be gentle on your plants while still being tough on dust and grime. With their microfiber dusting technology and efficient dust removal, these leaf gloves are perfect for removing dirt and grime from your plants’ leaves. These plant gloves are made in Europe with recycled PET material and are machine washable! Making them an eco-friendly choice for plant care.

    Why Leaf Love Gloves are a must-have

    • One size fits all, thanks to their elastic design
    • Machine washable for easy cleaning
    • Sustainably sourced and made in Italy, ensuring top-quality craftsmanship and materials
    • Made from recycled PET bottles, making them an eco-friendly choice for plant care

    Leaf Love Gloves are a must-have for any plant parent looking to keep their green friends healthy and thriving. Whether you’re dealing with a large-leafed plant or delicate ferns, these microfiber gloves for plants will make cleaning a breeze. So why wait? Add this microfiber dusting loves to your plant care routine today and see the difference for yourself!