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Wooden soil checker
Wooden soil checker
Wooden soil checker
Wooden soil checker
Wooden soil checker

Wooden soil checker

1.950 kr

Do you struggle with watering your plants?

This soil checker will give you clarity if you never know when it’s time to water your plants.

This analogue design is completely foolproof. Just poke it in your pot to retrieve a small soil sample at different depths. Is the soil still moist? Hold off watering for a little longer. Dry and loose? Then it’s time to give your plant a drink.

  • Easy to use, take the guesswork out of watering your plants. Simply check first how moist your soil really is, before you reach for the watering can.
  • Made of wood: the sustainable option, both lightweight and durable. Varnished finish so you can easily wipe it clean.
  • No more root rot: keep your fingernails clean, and get a better grip on your watering schedule—no more layer of water sitting unnoticed at the bottom of your pot.
  • Aerate your soil: loosen your soil and create air pockets each time you use the probe. Great for soil health and happy roots

    How to use your soil checker:

    Gently push the soil checker all the way to the bottom of your pot, then turn it a quarter turn and pull it out again. A little soil will get trapped in the tool, so you can see how moist it really is, all the way to the bottom of your pot.

    Every time you test, you also aerate the soil, create air pockets that are beneficial to your soil health, and help it retain more moisture. Try poking your tool in a different spot of the pot each time, for happy, healthy roots and soil.

    If your soil is extremely compacted, give it a good soak for a few hours until it’s completely saturated, before you use the probe to loosen it up.

    Hand-milled from wood, with a varnish layer for durability.

    Total size: 31 cm / 12″ long, the handle is 5cm / 2″ wide.